The specialisation of the law firm is the synergy of selected areas of law, i.e. the combination of insolvency and restructuring law issues together with broadeconomic law, in particular as regards the law of commercial companies, and civil law.

Łukasz Kiwała

President & Founder

About Us

Legal and Financial Consortium Kiwała&Wspólnicy Sp. z o.o.

is a global company with comprehensive legal service.

In each area of action, the Consortium is a leader constantly striving for excellence, guaranteeing the highest global standards and confidentiality of information. The decisive value of Our success is the people who make up the company. They are professionals who work passionately, using their potential and experience, thus ensuring your safety and guarantee of achieving your goals.

The Law Firm is the backbone of the Consortium providing internal legal service to all areas of operation of the company, as well as the basis of our offer addressed to you. Our customers are international and national enterprises and individuals. Lawyers for the Law Firm have specialized knowledge that allows both the constant service of companies and cooperation in the implementation of specific economic projects. We work with both corporations from Europe and Asia with a long tradition and with companies that are just starting their business and looking to acquire a solid business partner. The high quality of our services is confirmed by long-term, stable customer relationships. The experience and highest level of knowledge of our employees are confirmed by of international lawyers (LL. M.), the long-standing service of companies and institutions, practices and knowledge gained in the best law firms in Poland and abroad, and close cooperation with specialists with professors’ titles in narrow areas of law.

In lower Silesia we are recommended by the Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers

In Lower Silesia we are recommended by the Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers

We work closely with the service:

Our Philosophy

The Consortium logo is a registered trademark protected by law. It is created in gold colors associated with the highest quality and success. The logo consists of a figure resembling a man symbolizing the founders of the company, who form its basis like a tree trunk. Circles and sharp angles form branches and fruit trees, which metaphorically talk about the fact that behind the owners are a staff of people, colleagues, partners – specialists responsible for the flawless image of the brand. Based on logo-roots, there is the name of the founder symbolizing total commitment and responsibility for the direction of development of the company. These roots, placed in fertile land, ensure the sustainability and healthy functioning of the entire business body.



  • analysis of the possibility of bankruptcy in the individual case of the indebted person
  • assistance to indebted persons in insolvency proceedings
  • representation in the course of insolvency/restructuring proceedings
  • representation in the course of enforcement proceedings after the bankruptcy/restructuring of the

Economic Law

  • analysis, drafting and negotiating agreements
  • negotiation and the editorial of civil law agreements
  • ongoing service of economic operators

Civil law

  • representation in judicial, amicable and enforcement proceedings
  • representation in matters of improper performance of contracts and obligations
  • representation in succession cases
  • debt collection
  • damages investigation

Główne Obszary Działań

Prawo cywilne

Prawo gospodarcze

Postępowanie restrukturyzacyjne


Kompleksowa pomoc osobom zadłużonym

Zakładanie, łączenie, przekształcanie oraz likwidacja spółek

Jak pracujemy

Proces postępowania upadłościowego

Redagowanie wniosku o upadłość konsumencką

Rozpatrywanie wniosku przez sąd

Zażalenie na postanowienie o oddaleniu wniosku o ogłoszenie upadłości konsumenckiej

Postępowanie przed Sądem II instancji

Ustalenie listy wierzycieli i likwidacja majątku upadłego

Plan spłat wierzycieli

Umorzenie wierzytelności

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Lukasz Kiwała

Founder & President

Lawyer, entrepreneur, politician. He graduated from Law, Administration and Economics at the University of Wrocław. Graduated from the European Academy of Diplomacy with specialization in European diplomacy. Chairman of the Board of Kiwała&Partners. Represents the company in dealing with key contractors. He is also responsible for the development of networks at home and abroad. He consults on company law and intellectual property. He has international experience working in Luxembourg.

Hubert Kobarski

Director of the Legal Department

Legal adviser, member of the Regional Chamber of Legal Advisers in Wrocław. Graduated from the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics of the University of Wrocław, the Higher Banking School in Wrocław (accounting and finance), as well as postgraduate studies in taxes organized by the Higher Banking School in Wrocław and postgraduate studies in the field of valuation, management and management of real estate organized by wrocław University of Technology.

Agatha Maczura

Counsel. It specializes in all kinds of compensation cases, in particular compensation and benefits from property and life insurance contracts, in particular civil liability insurance contracts for motor vehicle owners, farmers and other OC contracts in connection with the pursuit of their profession, business or possession of certain property. It provides comprehensive legal assistance in the investigation of claims for traffic accidents, in agriculture, at work, etc., as well as for the liability of the Treasury and local authorities in connection with the exercise of public authority.

Richard Krawczyk

Legal Adviser since 1987. It also serves and operates large economic operators by the Treasury and listed on the WSE. He has merged and transformed ownership of many companies. He specializes in the law of commercial companies and ongoing legal service of commercial contracts at home and abroad.


The Legal and Financial Consortium of Kiwała & Partners with an office in Wrocław invites all Candidates dreaming of working in one of the fastest growing Law Firm in Wrocław to submit their CV to the address with the inscription “Application”.

We guarantee a clear pay system, numerous legal training and support for personal development and professional work tools. We expect dynamic, punctual and trustworthy lawyers who can work both in the team and take individual tasks. We assume that respect for moral and ethical values and integrity and integrity are the basis for the company’s smooth operation. If you want to gain legal experience among the best – plan your career today.

Career path in The Prawno – Financial Consortium Kiwała & Partners

Trainee/Apprentice – a stage designed for students of the last years of study and graduates without prior professional experience, who declare their readiness to participate regularly in the life of the Chancellery and sign a contract for practicing after familiarwithwithiment with the Regulations.

Each trainee and apprentice shall be covered by the Practice Programme, enabling the acquisition of practical skills of application and understanding of the law.

Junior consultant – stage addressed to graduates of legal studies without professional privileges and without experience in our Chancellery. The junior consultant performs work under the supervision of a lawyer with professional privileges.

Consultant – for persons who, due to more than a year of professional experience, a lawyer can take positions under the supervision of persons with powers in basic cases or are applicants.

Senior consultant – already has experience as an apprentice or has worked in a lawyer’s profession for at least two years, and was subsequently adapted to work in the Law Firm. Senior consultants can contact clients on behalf of the Chancellery.

Adviser – is a person whose experience and trust of the Chancellery allows for independent work or cooperation with a counsellor or partner. Counsellors can be doctoral science, senior apprentices and other persons with confirmed qualifications. This is the highest stage of their career for people who do not have the power to pursue a regulated legal profession on their own.

The solicitors/lawyer is a person who has acquired the power to pursue a regulated legal profession on his own and has adequate legal knowledge, experience and advisory skills. Counselors and lawyers hold a leadership role on substantive and problem groups.

A partner may be a legal adviser or other lawyer who performs a free profession on his own, whose contribution and commitment to the functioning of the Law Firm justifies the admission to the group of persons determining the directions of development of the Bar Office.

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